Our Story

-Inspired by history, brought to life by the senses- 

"The nose is the door to the soul"- Jean Louis Fargeon


In April 1770 upon her marriage to Louis-Auguste, heir to the throne of France, Marie Antoinette became the last Dauphine. Despite the ephemeral and decadent fashion taste of the Dauphine (soon to be queen) she truly felt most at home in the natural beauty of the garden of the Trianon and the Hameau de la reine. The beauty of the Dauphine is a youthful beauty that knows no age. She is bursting with freshness, inside her the epicenter of taste and elegance. A true heir of refinement.

Through historical research and careful consideration, Dauphine beauté brings to life the beauty secrets of the French court left by the legacy of Marie Antoinette's master apothecary and perfumer Jean Louis Fargeon. This parisian apothecary began to bring the luxurious cosmetic service to the courtiers of Versailles using the precious and vital benefits of floral waters and botanical oil preparations to treat and scent the skin. Along with his ingenious and notable formulations, Fargeon wins the heart of Marie Antoinette as the royal purveyor of sumptuous perfumes and rich botanical cosmetics. The last Dauphine and Queen of France, reputedly having a life long love of flowers and aromatherapy, requests Jean Louis to prepare her botanical scents and natural restorative beauty treatments for her toilette.

At Dauphine beauté we are dedicated to maintaining the tradition of creative and quality apothecary beauty solutions. We work within the style of the master apothecary, reconceiving some of Fargeon's original great formulations using the finest natural botanical ingredients and embodying a long tradition of high quality craftsmanship. Our creations are expressly made to reinforce the depth and perfect harmony of the nourishing benefits from the botanical kingdom. They are available to you here and through carefully selected niche apothecary boutiques.

"I found that, of all the senses, sight was the most superficial, hearing the most arrogant, smell the most voluptuous, taste the most superstitious and touch the
most profound and philosophical." - French philosopher Diderot