-  Benefits of Our Ingredients  -




Aloe vera- Increases the elasticity of the skin making it more flexible through collagen and elastin repair.

Banaba leaf extract- Recognized to reduce the effects of aging and sun damage

Chamomile extract- An excellent anti-oxidant. It is also used to alleviate puffiness and cleanses pores of impurities while reducing redness and inflammation.

Calendula extract- Increases cellular renewal, moisturizes, soothes redness and irritation.

Floral waters-(rose water, lavender water, neroli water) Balances the skin's pH to preserve its acid mantle there by helping to control inflammation, blemishes, and breakouts. Also, highly anti-oxidant.

Lavender oil- Helps to balance your skin's natural oil production, stimulates cell regrowth to help the skin heal itself and is highly anti-bacterial.

 Lemon oil- A natural astringent that can balance skin pH and can brighten dull skin color. It is also highly anti-bacterial.

Tangerine oil- A natural astringent that tones and clarifies normal, oily as well as mature skin

Thyme extract-An extremely potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal as well as being rich in vitamin E and K for preventing free-radicals within the skin.

Violet extract- Improves skin condition and tone by clearing congestion, reducing inflammation and preventing skin disorders like rosacea and contact dermatitis.

Willow bark extract-Increases skin cell turnover by promoting exfoliation, resulting in a smoothing effect of the epidermis.